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All the furniture that we sell is brand new and carries the manufacturer's warranty. Most of the manufacturer warranty however is only limited warranty that does not cover any wear and tear. Most manufacturers offer a 1 year warranty against manufacturers defect. Extended Warranty programs are available for most items and may be purchased through Hummingbird Furniture. Please contact our Sales department for more information 250-276-7135 or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Warranties are not valid if merchandise has been moved from original delivery address.

Guardsman 5 Year Protection Plan

A multi-year service contract provided by Guardsman to protect the consumer's furniture from specific forms of accidental damage that are listed in the plan (which include the most common forms of accidental damage that happens to furniture) Guardsman Protection Plans provide the customer with a furniture expert to turn to when accidents happen.


A warranty is associated with quality or defects in design, materials, or workmanship With the exception of "as is" furniture, most furniture stores provide a one year manufacturer's warranty against defects Guardsman Protection Plans generally do not cover quality defects, but are instead directed to accidental damage Calling the Protection Plan a warranty is misleading to the consumer, and leads them to make warranty claims to Guardsman that will be turned down because warranty claims are not covered by the plan. Never call the GUARDSMAN PROTECTION PLAN a warranty or extended warranty!


In some states, Guardsman plans may be regulated as insurance products, but in other states they are considered exempt from insurance regulations. It is easiest to always use the term "Protection Plan", rather than to call them insurance.

$99.99 Five-Year Elite Service Plan (Minimum $750.00 purchase)

What is Covered

Fabric, Leather & Vinyl Upholstered Furniture

Wood & Other Hard Surface Furniture

Any food or beverage stain X X
Any human or pet bodily fluid stain X  
Any ballpoint pen ink stain from a specific incident X X
Any nail polish / polish remover stain from a specific incident X X
Any puncture, cut, tear, and rip from a specific incident X  
Any burn or heat mark from a specific incident X X
Operational or structural failure to frames, springs, mechanisms, motors, levers (hand wands), power and remote cords, used for sleeper, reclining, and inclining applications, if they were covered by an original manufacturer warranty that has expired. X X
Any liquid ring and mark   X
Breakage   X
Any scratch, gouge, or chip from a specific incident   X
Checking, cracking, bubbling, or peeling of finish from a specific incident   X
Any chip, scratch or breakage of glass or mirrors   X
Loss of Silvering on Mirrors   X

To view the service contract, click here: Guardsman Elite Protection Plan.

Manufacturer Details

Guardsman has been a leader in furniture care since 1915, delivering quality products and services for the protection, care, and repair of wood, fabric, and leather furnishings and bedding products. Backed by the strength of the Valspar Corporation, the world's largest supplier of wood finishes to the furniture and cabinet industry, Guardsman products include polishes and cleaners for fine wood, leather, and fabric furniture, as well as a complete line of furniture maintenance products for touch-up, repair and spot cleaning. Guardsman is also the leading provider of Furniture Protection Plans in the countries where it does business, with more than 11 million protection plans in force throughout the world. We visit hundreds of thousands of homes every year to successfully repair furniture-so you know our products work! With nearly a century of expertise in the furniture care business, Guardsman is an established, secure, and committed partner to its customers and its retailers.